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Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc. in Rogers, Ohio.

Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

Established in 1964, Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc. is a privately owned corporation engaged in ready mix concrete sales and delivery; excavating services; and construction laser and survey instrument sales. Serving clients in the Tri-State area of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and including cities of Boardman, Canfield, Canton, Columbiana, East Liverpool, Pittsburgh (PA), Salem, Steubenville, Youngstown, Wheeling (WV) and beyond, we support concrete installation with concrete curing and sealing compounds, manual and gas powered concrete placing and settling tools. Construction laser and survey instruments are further supported by our Instrument Sales Division.

Ready Mix Concrete by Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.
Excavation Services by Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.
Laser Instruments and Surveying Equipment Sales by Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete for Contractors: roads, driveways, parking lots, irrigation, storm water channels, building basements, foundations, water reservoirs, heavy industrial machine bases, concrete pre-casters of manholes, catch basins, septic tanks, and more ...


Excavation Services

Full-line of Excavation Services for Contractors and Private Individuals, including home sites, land clearing, excavation of subdivision streets, drainage, storm sewers, retention and detention basins, utility lines, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and more.


Laser Instruments

Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc. is an Authorized Dealer for  all Major Construction Lasers and Surveying Equipment manufactures. Our Instrument Sales Division offers professional Pre, and Post-Sale Support and training for all instruments sold by Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.


A few words of thanks to our customers

We appreciate the long and productive relationships we have had with our contractors, who we view as customer-partners. We couldn't be where we are today without you telling us how to better support you as you grow and face new demands and challenges. We would not have known as quickly and as surely of your need for better and more reliable ready-mix service and faster paced construction deadlines.

A few words of thanks to our vendors

Just as we regard our customers as partners, we regard our vendors as partners too. Selling to people in our industry is hard work and we know it. We are dealing with a hundred different pressures in day to day operations. Your professional persistence in bringing solutions to the table, sometimes solutions to problems that were only beginning to emerge, has helped us become a better and more responsive company. Not every "bright idea" of yours will find a welcome, but when you bring enough bright ideas: new products, new systems and realistic prices to us; we will be jumping on at least some of these – and it's not always just the price.

We understand
our customers ... 

We understand that our customers are under constant pressure to perform on-time, on-spec and on-cost; and anything we can do to help keeps the whole construction supply and installation chain operating smoothly, profitably, and to the satisfaction of the ultimate end user – whether this be a home owner, shopping plaza operator, or multi-national manufacturer.

Paul R. Lipp & Son excavation crews, on site with the scrapers, excavators, dozers and other equipment to handle all aspects of the civil construction project.

Our computer monitored concrete batching plant and fleet of O.D.O.T. approved mixers keep your concrete crews working efficiently and effectively from the crack of dawn till quittin' time.

Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc. established its Construction Lasers and Instruments division in 2000. Most of the devices we refer to are instruments we use in our own operations. We were early adopters and entered the business with more than the usual amount of study and reflection. We will mention some of the products we use and sell.  

Laser Instruments

Professional Surveying Equipment


Sound construction is a function of materials and workmanship; and workmanship is increasingly a function of sophisticated instrumentation. There is probably no more important process in construction than maintaining accurate alignment. Without accurate planer, linear and angular measurements the details of construction can not be executed faithfully and structural defects are inevitable. The application of lasers, following “line of sight” to this purpose is natural, and vastly superior to traditional methods which are labor intensive and subject to variations.

Our Instruments Bestsellers ...

GeoMax Zone 60 DG for Sale at Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

GeoMax Zone 60DG

Fully-automatic grade specifically designed for construction workers who need the dependability and accuracy of a fully professional grade laser on a daily basis. With a straightforward user interface on both the laser and the RF remote, the craftsman is always in full control.

GeoMax Zoom 90 for sale at Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

GeoMax Zoom 90

GeoMax Zoom90 Series fulfills all your needs with one-man fully-operational robotic total stations. Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with up to 20% more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies ...

GeoMax Zone 60 HG for sale at Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

GeoMax Zone 60 HG

Adding easy-to-use dial-in grade compatibility to the dependability of the Zone40H core, this laser is more flexible in use and enables semi-automatic grade in leveling applications. Call us for details, pricing, and availability.