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Customer Testimonials

What our Customers say about us?

Paul R. Lipp & Son could only grow in an environment of customer confidence. Our contractor customers return to us repeatedly because they know we will ship them materials that meet their specifications and functional requirements. Margins are too tight in this business and we make every effort to ensure the profitability of everyone in the project to the extent that we are looked at and consulted as a vendor-partner. Just as important as meeting specifications is on-time deliveries – a lot of money can be lost when a crew is waiting for delivery. We take as pro-active an approach to scheduling as possible so that materials and equipment are allocated well in advance.

Competitive pricing is the natural result of diligence in eliminating waste every step in the production and distribution stream.

We have served the following operations for many years and in many projects. Don’t take our word for our claims.

This page could become a mutual admiration society. It's usually the case that when people like doing business with us, we like doing business with them. It boils down to the old saying "It's always a pleasure doing business with professionals." Now, we can't represent everyone we work with here. There are just too many fine people that we enjoy working with. This is a sampling of comments that relate to different aspects of out business. It's also a good indication of the professional attitude you'll want to see when selecting a contractor.

We certainly hope you will choose to work with one of our customers; and we strive to ensure that our customers choose to work with us.

MAYS BROTHERS CONSTRUCION INC: “We have been working with Paul R. Lipp and Son, Inc., for over 20 years. They have repeatedly proven to be reliable. We can depend on them. All we need to do is supply them a set of drawings and they will handle the rest. Their ability to perform on their own in a timely and orderly fashion is critical in avoiding delays. Things like this make them a company we like to work with.” -David Mays


DILORETO CONSTRUCTION: “We have been working with Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc., for well over 30 years. At Diloreto Construction we really appreciate the attention to detail and accuracy they provide. Time and material spent correcting excavation errors is costly. Along with being dependable and truly taking pride in their work, they offer a wide range of services. As a general contractor, we value their ability to reduce the number of subcontractors we must deal with. It is truly one-stop-shopping. Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc., can provide a full range of equipment and expertise. In addition to extensive years of experience in excavating Greg’s background in engineering has proven to be a real asset. We have utilized Paul R Lipp & Son, Inc., for services including site development, layout and grade consultation, excavating and as a ready-mix concrete supplier.” – Mike Diloreto